Renova features staff of friendly professionals whose job is to inform the clients and enable them to make money-saving decisions.

Renova is real-estate, property development and sustainability consultancy operating in Croatia and Slovenia.

All our employees have realized their careers in a number of local, regional and global real estate companies. They are leading professionals on the field of commercial properties for the last fifteen years.

In addition to the standards prescribed by Croatian legislation, in our work we aplly standards set by RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), BRE (BREEAM standard), USGBC (LEED standard). Through the deep understanding of local market and work compliant with international real estate standards, we create the best business practice.

Renova is licensed agency, registered in the Registry of real estate agencies at Croatian Chamber of Economy under the No. 108/2014 (

We are registered service provider for European Comission since 2014.

Renova conducts everyday business in compliance with the rules of sustainability (Sustainability Policy).

We offer property consultancy services ranging from real-estate brokerage (lease of offices, warehouses and retail units in Zagreb, Split and the rest of Croatia), development advisory, valuations and feasibility studies, technical due diligence, project management and monitoring, over to the energy and sustainability expertise.

Through our network of strategic partners who specialize in different areas of construction and real estate, we are in a position to provide full service while at the same time maintaining the leanness of our organization.

Whilst our experience gives confidence to our clients, we are always seeking to expand our knowledge and skills to keep in line with the evolving practices in our profession. Our extensive experience, the ability to always think creatively and proactively seek new solutions sets us apart from our competition and allows us to provide quality, tailor made advice, and value to our clients.

Property owners

we enable property owners to realize the maximum profit at lease or sale

Tenants and property buyers

we identify the best value solutions


we assist investors in the analysis of the investment

Our values: Open communication, simplicity, business ethics.

Tomislav Gregurić Consulting and Corporate Solutions

M:+385 91 4826 194

Branimir Lekić Brokerage

M:+385 91 4826 196

Ljudevit Hunjak Land & Industrial

M:+385 91 4826 800

Hrvoje Kvasnička Project Management, LEED & BREEAM certification and Valuations

M:+385 91 4826 102

Eva Pavić |  Research & Publications

M:+385 98 813 069


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