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Property Valuations

Our experts produce property valuations in accordance with the positive Croatian regulations, in accordance with internationally recognized RICS standards (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – Valuation Standards – Global, 9th edition) and in accordance with European Group of Valuers Associations (TEGoVA) rules.

Feasibility Studies

Modern business, especially in current financial market circumstances, requires production of feasibility study before starting any project which would engage considerable financial resources of any organization. Feasibility studies are critically important step in preparation of projects – information and analysis which we prepare for our clients while producing these documents, enable our clients to make informed, correct decision in time, thereby removing the uncertainty of the investment.

Market Report

In the situation of ever changing business environment, especially in the real-estate market, in the organizations which are dedicated to their own core business it is difficult to have permanent insight into the current market status. Thanks to the continuous work on gathering of information and our own databases, Renova produces market reports for all real-estate sectors for its clients: the topics which we cover are office market, retail market, logistics and industrial market, land, residential market and tourist property market.

Real-estate portfolio strategy

One of the activities which bring direct, measurable and concrete benefit to our clients is production of real-estate portfolio strategy for our clients. As one of the steps in the optimization of their business, many organizations from private and public sector are considering restructuring of the assets contained within their real-estate portfolio. Renova collects and organizes such data, prepares the analysis and brings concrete recommendations for each of the items contained within the portfolio. Our advice is neutral and based on concrete experience, which alleviates bringing decisions and speeds up the processes which can otherwise take years within bigger organizations.

Real-Estate Marketing Strategy

One of the possible outcomes of the analysis of the real-estate portfolio is client’s decision to dispose of the property by sale or lease, which indicates need to prepare marketing strategy. Our experience in transactions on the Croatian property market helps our clients to steer their marketing efforts into the right direction and towards the appropriate target group, which saves their time and money.

Asset Management

Our services from the Asset Management domain include all phases of property lifecycle – purchase, development, management, leasing, optimization, reporting and sale of real-estate property. Thanks to the international experience and local market expertise, our experts are increasing the value of the real-estate owned by our clients.

EU funds

The perception of EU funds in the real-estate sector on our market is primarily related to the investments in tourism or production. However, EU funds can be used in many other types of projects as the source of partial financing. Please contact us to learn more and check whether such form of subsidy is available for your project as well.


Part of our business is technical services related to real-estate. Our experts offer the following services:

Project Management

Management of construction, reconstruction or refurbishment of office spaces, commercial buildings, retail units and warehouses. Integral service includes all phases starting from task definition, over to the implementation and delivery of the finished product.

Move Management

We are one of the rare companies on Croatian market which offers the management of the complex tasks of move of the companies. Move management includes the process starting with the analysis of the business needs, origin and destination of the move, through the selection of the providers and service contracting, up to the implementation and completion of the move.

Technical Due Diligence

Bank and investment fund needs often require completion of technical due diligence for the property before financing or acquisition is approved. Renova experts are able to verify all technical aspects of the buildings, regardless of their purpose.

Lifetime Costing

PPP (Public Private Partnership) and other contracts of similar long-term nature require calculations of lifetime costing for properties, in order to set the commercial aspects of the contract properly. Using the internationally recognized methodology, Renova experts are able to calculate costs through the defined lifetime period of a property.

Green Building – LEED and BREEAM certification

Legal regulations and rules of modern business require continued optimization of costs and improvements of sustainability of properties. Renova offers certification services according to two leading standards, BREEAM and LEED, and it is the leading service provider in this field in Croatia. Please contact us to learn how these certificates can contribute to your business.

We are proud of the fact the we have conducted the first BREEAM certification in Croatia – since 2014, office building Eurocenter is certified BREEAM in Use – Very Good. In 2015 we have completed the certification of European Union representative office in Croatia. Since 2015, EU premises bear the certificate BREEAM in Use – Very Good.

Legalization of Properties

In accordance with the positive Croatian regulations, with assistance from experts we are conducting legalization of buildings and parts of buildings.

EU funds

EU funds offer more and more opportunities to co-finance projects which comply with EU criteria, whether in the field of energy efficiency, tourism investment or other activities. Please check whether we can assist you to apply to use these funds.


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